Custom tack, braided rawhide and jewelry.

Looking for leather horse tack, rawhide braiding or western jewelry?

Here you will find over 55 years of ranch and cowboying experience. Over the years we have used and tested our tack and have learned how to make things so they will work well and last. We make our own rawhide, from the skinning of the cow to the finished product. If you need something in the line of western jewelry, horse tack, or rawhide braiding just give us a call at:
(406) 423 - 5507 or email us at We‘d really like to hear from you!

Photo by Sam Abell

photo appeared in Sam Abell's book "C.M. Russell's West"
Introduction by Ginger Renner.

Read the article Cowboy in Winter, about Gerald Mack, appearing in Smithsonian Magazine! (October, 2008)